Smart Designs for Outdoor Entertaining and Retail Space

Do you have an outdoor entertaining or retail space and are looking for smart design ideas? This article covers six ways to wisely design this space to make it aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, inviting, and convenient. Review these design tips below, consider which aspects are most feasible for your outdoor space, and align them with your styles. After this, contact a commercial architectural designer for tips and assistance implementing these features seamlessly into your outdoor entertaining or retail space.

1. Outdoor Furniture

It’s essential to add outdoor furniture to ensure that your space accommodates guests. Depending on the area you have to decorate, you can opt for a small table or chairs or purchase a large couch section. This inclusion will encourage visitors to stay longer at your location and communicate a sense of casualness. If this is the design feature you wish to incorporate, talk with your commercial architectural designers to ensure that the furniture matches your other design elements for a cohesive area.

2. Reflective Materials

Not only will reflective materials increase the aesthetics of your outdoor entertaining and retail space, but they will also create a cooler space for your guests to gather and interact. According to Houzz, the Solar Reflectivity Index is the tool used to measure the reflection of a particular material. Asphalt, a dark and receptive material, has an SRI rating of 5. On the contrary, Portland cement, which is light and reflective, rates 86 to 100 for SRI. Be sure to talk with your designer to learn about the different ways you can utilize reflective materials to help keep your outdoor space cool.

3. Fire Pits

Adding a fire pit to your outdoor entertaining and retail space can do several positive things. First, fire pits will provide warmth on those chilly days and nights. This warmth is convenient during the cold months to keep guests coming around.

Second, a fire pit is a great way to bring people together and interact in your outdoor area. Many will feel compelled to gather guests around the fire pit and stay longer. Talk with your architectural designer to understand how fire pits can be effectively placed in your outdoor space and learn more about the different styles of firepits available.

4. Proper Color Schemes

Color can take your outdoor entertaining and retail space to the next level. Depending on the purpose of your building, you can implement different colors to draw the attention of those nearby. For a simple, inviting ambiance, bring warm and neutral colors into the area so visitors will feel comfortable and cozy. On the other hand, if your building already has a color scheme incorporated into a logo, this is an opportunity to continue these themes into the space. For more information and direction, talk to your commercial architectural designer.

5. Incorporate Plants

Plants and trees can drastically change the aesthetic of a space. When incorporated correctly, they can be the perfect accent to the other pieces within the space. Certain planter plots can even help people who have experienced issues with water damage or drainage. Your architectural designers may be able to recommend plants and trees that are readily available in your area as well as ones that are simple to maintain.

6. Shaded Structure

Including a shaded structure in your outdoor entertaining and retail space is a great way to decrease direct sunlight in the area and encourage guests to gather. This structure is an optimal area for your outdoor furniture, light fixtures, and more. This shaded area can be added to your outdoor space in various ways.

First, you can extend the roof line of your exterior building. You may also purchase an awning for your entertainment and retail space. Lastly, you could build a pergola to get more shade in this outdoor area. Be sure to discuss the various options and the benefits they may have for the space with your designer to pick one that’s right for the needs of your space.

Utilizing a space correctly can significantly impact the number of people who use the area. Working with an experienced commercial architectural designer can help to make the space renovation simple and effective. Review this list above and contact B2G Commercial to begin upgrading your outdoor entertaining and retail space today!