3350 Wilshire-Koreatown, Los Angeles CA
Custom Grating over flow-through planter, Art Mural by Jonathan Calugi
3350 Wilshire-Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA
Squaro Pot
Lankershim-Studio City, CA
Exaggerated Mounds
Sunset Vine Tower-Hollywood, CA
Wire Mesh Planting, Squaro Pot, Oblong Firepit
Sunset Vine Tower-Hollywood, CA
Oblong Firepit
Sunset Vine Tower-Hollywood, CA
Squaro Planter
700 Manhattan-Koreatown, Los Angeles, CA
Fiberglass Planters, Squaro Pot
1625 Lincoln-Los Angeles, CA
Corten Steel Planter
3345 Wilshire-Los Angeles, CA
Vine Lattice Planting, Fiberglass Planter, Line Decorative Panel
3345 Wilshire-Los Angeles, CA
Origami bench, Fiberglass planter
3345 Wilshire-Los Angeles, CA
Squaro Pot, Vine lattice planter, Line decorative panel, Fiberglass planter

Commercial Architectural Design You Can Trust

B2G Commercial Accessories, Green Wall System


B2G Commercial brings design and inspiration to life in the form of site furnishings, planters, fountains, and other fixtures that enhance a space. We bring a fresh perspective to designed environments with our collection and have thoughtfully tapped both international and domestic resources to develop partners who share our vision for dreaming big, while still providing competitive market-driven options.

Our Approach

Our unique approach to commercial architectural design flawlessly combines form and function. We create projects that suit all your practical needs while elevating the aesthetic of your space. We pride ourselves on crafting environments that spark joy while being optimized for regular usage. In order to deliver our unique vision, we realized that we needed fresh fixtures that couldn’t be found anywhere else. That’s why we create elements that enhance our design concepts while offering you one-of-a-kind items. However, this luxury service doesn’t have to be inaccessible. It’s important to us that our specialized approach and products for commercial architecture remain affordable.

We know that, with the right elements, an ordinary outdoor space can be transformed into a paradise. Sometimes we are able to curate this environment with existing items we source from top suppliers around the globe. When this isn’t possible, we know it’s time for us to design something brand new. We use pieces such as planters, fire pits, water features, and sculptural elements to enhance a space so it perfectly suits your needs.

What Sets Us Apart

At B2G Commercial, we offer commercial architecture solutions that set us apart from our competitors. As a design/build company, we can envision the entire process from design through installation and beyond. We know that gorgeous aesthetics don’t have to mean astronomical costs, or that an affordable price point doesn’t need to indicate subpar quality. By partnering with suppliers around the globe, exploring new materials, and investigating new technologies, we can be certain that we always have the best options on the market available to you.

Are you interested in learning more about our unique process for commercial architectural design? If our portfolio has you excited about what might be possible in your space, contact us today to get started with a consultation. We would love to assist you with all your design needs.

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