B2G Commercial FAQs

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Have a landscaping-related question? We have the answer! Check out our FAQs below to learn more about our company and services.

It’ll take about 24-48 hours to receive your quote for commercial architectural design supplies. To expedite this process, please provide us with a list of items, including the quantity and dimensions (length x width x height). If available, please also send the project name, the project delivery address, and the plan set.

Please note that if planters aren’t sitting on pedestal pavers, we have to recommend saucers, which come at an additional cost, to go with the planters in order to prevent leakage.

Once a delivery address has been provided, the delivery price will be included in the quote as Shipping and Customs (SHC). When submitting your order for commercial architecture supplies, please let us know these three things:

– The on-site manager’s contact information (their name and number)
– If we need to schedule an appointment beforehand for delivery
– If you need a liftgate

The estimated lead time will be about 11-12 weeks. It consists of the production period being up to six weeks and the approval of shipping and custom clearance being an additional five weeks. All lead times start from the receipt of a 50% deposit for our commercial architecture supplies.

Did you know that a fashionable patio addition project can add 8% to 10% to the value of a home, according to Space Wise? With this in mind, you may consider adding a patio to your home and keeping gorgeous planters in this new space. As a top commercial architect supplier, we carry a diverse range of sizes and shapes. We carry different styles of round, rectangular, square, and special fiberglass planters. Our most popular requested fiberglass planters are the rectangular planters in our standard sizes:

– 36″ x 24″ x 24″
– 48″ x 24″ x 24″
– 60″ x 24″ x 24″
– 72″ x 24″ x 24″

If there’s a planter size/dimension that we don’t carry, we can recommend the closest size to prevent additional mold costs. However, if a specific size is required, then we can create a mold for an additional cost.

B2G supplies commercial architectural design materials; we don’t provide installation services. However, depending on your location, we can refer you to a supply installation company. If you’re located in Southern California, we can refer you to our sister company, a landscape construction company called Landist Group, Inc.