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Outdoor Design Tips From a Commercial Architectural Designer

Creating inviting spaces when entertaining outdoors or creating a commercial space is essential to ensure the comfort and overall happiness of visitors and prospective customers. If you are thinking of ways to incorporate smart designs into your commercial outdoor space, there are a few ideas to keep in mind. Here are just a few of the tips you’ll get when you work with a commercial architectural designer.

Using Reflective Materials

Incorporating reflective materials into your outdoor entertaining and retail spaces can go a long way when it comes to guest comfort. Because the reflectivity of materials is measured using the Solar Reflectivity Index (SRI), it is ideal to use materials higher on the scale, as they provide a cooler retail and entertaining space, even when outdoors. For example, reflective material such as traditional cement ranks between 86 and 100 SRIs, while darker fresh asphalt has a ranking of 5 SRIs in total, according to Houzz. A commercial architectural designer can give you suggestions on which material is best for your climate and needs.

Choose a Theme

If you want to create a space using a smart design in mind, consider the type of outdoor furniture and materials you are using. Choose reflective furniture with materials that are cooler in the hot sun, which will keep your guests comfortable at all times. Research popular outdoor furniture types, styles, and aesthetics to find a look that matches the aesthetic you’re going for.

Take Advantage of Fire Pits

For those who are concerned about creating an eco-friendly environment in their outdoor entertainment or retail space, consider the use of fire pits. Fire pits provide warmth and heat without excess energy usage. Additionally, fire pits are ideal for outdoor entertaining as they also provide spaces where guests can mingle and talk.

Create Shaded Areas

Intentional design is key when it comes to creating truly inviting outdoor retail and entertainment spaces. When you are in the process of creating an outdoor event area or entertainment space, create shaded areas with intention. Not all guests will enjoy being exposed to sunshine, heat, and humidity whenever they are outdoors, especially if you live in an area with a warmer climate.

Choose the Right Color Scheme

When designing an exterior area, it’s important to consider the colors you will use to help bring the space to life. Will this space be used to promote your commercial business and brand? If so, you will likely want to incorporate your logo’s colors into the space itself, from furniture to decor. If you want to provide a space that is inviting, consider warmer colors, neutral colors, and browns or beiges. For a cleaner and more minimalist look, sticking to black, white, and grey is advisable. Working with an architectural designer can also help you to pinpoint which color schemes are likely to work for you based on the intention of the space you are creating.

Use Smart Electronics and Devices

Another way to incorporate smart designs into an outdoor space is to integrate smart electronics and devices. From automated sensors and music-playing technologies to facial recognition, there are many ways to create a seamless experience for all of your retail and outdoor entertainment guests.

Work With a Commercial Architectural Designer

One way to truly bring any space to life is to work with a professional commercial architectural designer. A commercial architectural designer specializes in understanding specific materials for commercial and outdoor entertainment spaces. Whether you’re constructing a pop-up shop in your local city or you are searching for a way to attract more outdoor guests to your commercial building, an architectural designer can help you every step of the way.

You can attempt to implement these tips yourself, but a commercial architectural designer has the experience and resources necessary to truly bring them all together to create a functional and inviting space. Designing the perfect smart design for a retail space or an outdoor entertaining area does not have to feel confusing or overwhelming. With a bit of brainstorming and the assistance of a commercial architectural designer, it’s possible to bring any vision you have for your outdoor space into reality.

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