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Design Tips for Increasing Your Building’s Value

Increasing the value of your building may be easier than you think! A commercial architect can help you improve your property in a variety of ways. By incorporating the tips listed below, you’ll create an improved area to welcome guests and complete your daily tasks. To make this process easy, start with one item that you believe is most plausible for your budget and needs, and move forward from that point. This step-by-step process will make improving your home more manageable.

Update Your Bathrooms

Your restrooms are areas that many guests will see while visiting your building. With this high traffic in mind, be aware that people will likely notice minor damage and outdated designs. This is why it’s important to update your bathrooms with trending styles and modern appliances. Once updated, your property value will increase due to increased functionality and improved aesthetics.

Implement Energy-Efficient Features

When it comes to traits that every modern building should have, energy efficiency is at the top of the list. Energy-efficient features are becoming more and more available in the current era, and incorporating these features into your building can increase its value. Examples of energy-efficient items to implement into your building include solar panels, LED light bulbs, durable windows, and more.

Add a Beautiful Patio Space

According to Space Wise, adding a patio can increase a property’s value by 8% to 10%. This added value results from the extra space to meet with guests and the opportunity to enhance the aesthetics of your business. If you believe your building needs a designated area where employees and visitors can get some much-needed fresh air, a patio is an excellent way to achieve that goal.

Enhance Your Curb Appeal

If your outdoor area lacks curb appeal, guests will view your business less favorably. Enhance the look of your outdoor space by thoroughly inspecting your exterior walls for major physical damage or minor scuffs and scrapes. Additionally, invest in high-quality landscaping to increase your building’s property value. This entails a routine of trimming, watering, mowing, fertilizing, and more.

Update Your Interior and Exterior Paint

Giving your building a fresh coat of paint will instantly uplift the space and create a welcoming ambiance. When beginning this project, ensure that you choose color schemes that are in tune with your business’s vision, and avoid colors that would distract guests. It’s also a good idea to choose timeless colors that will outlast trends.

As you update your building, consider these tips to increase the value of your property. If you’re looking for a reliable commercial architect to incorporate any of the features described above, contact B2G Commercial today!