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Should I Add an Outdoor Fire Pit to My Property?

Are you a business owner looking to enhance your commercial property? You may want to consider a fire pit. A good fire pit isn’t just for your residential property, as it can also make your business location more enticing. With the right commercial architectural design, a fire pit can create a more welcoming space your business can benefit from.

Create an Inviting Atmosphere

Who says a business has to be cold and buttoned up to get things done? If you want a company that has a more cozy and inviting atmosphere for staff, employees, clients, and customers, a fire pit is a good start. Maybe your employees work long hours, especially if you’re in industries such as tech and engineering.

If you want employees to burn the midnight oil, give them a space that doesn’t feel so dry and boring to be around. After hours, people can roast marshmallows and have some drinks. Enjoy a campfire on chilly nights or use it as a more cozy spot for meetings.

Increase Property Value

Property value isn’t just something for homeowners to worry about. It’s just as important for commercial property owners to handle. No matter how much you currently love your business site, a day may come when you plan to sell it. Just like with a residential home, the greater the value of your commercial property is, the more profit you’ll benefit from. Let’s not forget your overall commercial property value is a part of your business net worth. If you plan to expand your business in the future and apply for business loans or grants, having a high-valued property as collateral can make that expansion more attainable.

When it comes to increasing value, a fire pit adds to the overall functionality of your commercial outdoor space. A good architectural design firm knows the perfect location to place a fire pit. According to Consumer Reports, a fire pit should be at least 20 to 25 feet away from anything else for safety reasons. A strategically placed pit with a beautiful design can increase the overall appeal of your property. As a result, it will make it more attractive to potential buyers and appraisers.

Extend Outdoor Time

Unfortunately, summer can’t last forever. However, fall and winter are just as beautiful and exciting times to enjoy. But those seasons often mean staying outside for extended periods may not be comfortable unless you have a good heating source. An outdoor fire pit on your commercial property can help extend the outdoor season that everyone can enjoy. As the temperature drops, you can still enjoy outdoor company happy hours, business meetings, lunches, and more.

Enhance Outdoor Design

The curb appeal of your front entrance isn’t the only thing that matters on your commercial property. Your overall outdoor design can have different appeal and aesthetics. A commercial architectural design firm can use a fire pit as a focal point for such a design. They can create a style that matches your company’s aesthetics or theme. You can make it even more fun by adding plants, cushions, seating, rugs, and anything else to make it more comfortable.

Enjoy More Entertainment

All work and no play makes for a boring workplace. As mentioned, your outdoor space can provide a very comfortable setting for employees and clients to gather around. Can you imagine the fun company parties you can have around a beautiful fire pit? Use the space for staff birthdays, happy hours, company milestones, product launches, and more.

Improve Well-Being

More people are beginning to understand the value of a good work-life balance, so proper break times are a must when on the job. Why not make those 15-minute breaks, lunch hours, or required company meetings easier by having a space that can add to your employees’ overall sense of well-being? Being around a fire pit puts people in touch with nature. They can get away from their cubicles or desks to enjoy the warmth of a fire and relax for a few minutes.

As you can see, you have many reasons to consider adding a fire pit to your commercial property. You can aid in your staff’s overall health, provide more entertainment, as well as increase your property value. To make this change, contact our local commercial architectural design firm for a consultation. B2G Commercial is all you need to transform your property!